An unconventional wedding with art, soul, and of course some country rock vibes.

I am a photographer just outside the Toronto area. I photograph predominately weddings and families in the Kawartha Lakes, Durham Region. Small intimate weddings are something I love to shoot. A small wedding always captures a love story so well!

If you’re seeking unconventional wedding inspiration, the nuptials of Greg Keelor from Blue Rodeo and his bride Caolaidhe, an expert Falconer, are a must-see.

Their Ontario wedding was a truly unique celebration of love, art, soul, and country rock vibes. A mere glimpse into their unforgettable day that will leave you feeling inspired.

Durham Region Small intimate wedding in a retro artist house
intimate House wedding in Durham Region – Ontario wedding photographer
Greg Keelor, a singer and guitar player in the iconic Canadian band, Blue Rodeo. 
Greg Keelor and Matt Mays
Greg Keelor Jamming at his home in the Durham Region
Caolaidhe, an expert Falconer, who develops unique relationships with birds of prey. 
Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario Getting ready photos
Mrs Keelor

Greg Keelor and Caolaidhe’s nostalgic wedding day was held at their Homestead, located in the most scenic piece of land in Ontario. The couple’s retro charm was evident everywhere, bursting with art and instrument-filled spaces, all of which added a personal touch to their celebration. Each item had a story to tell, making it a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

retro vibe wedding in ontario
Getting Ready photos in Durham Region – Retro Wedding

The couple’s intimate ceremony began at 3:15 pm, a special number for Caolaidhe who had lost her father at that exact time ______. The pianist, who had been tuning this specific piano for over 30 years, played the classic “here comes the bride” melody. This piano has also been featured on many Blue Rodeo albums as well as other well-know artist’s albums.

Wedding Ceremony music ideas Greg Keelor's wedding
Ceremony – Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario
Greg Keelor intimate wedding
Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario
Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario
Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario – Greg Keelor

The first dance was emotional, surrounded by friends, with Tara Lightfoot singing a rendition of Bob Dylan’s “Feel My Love”, which added to the country rock and love-filled atmosphere

First dance song ideas Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario
Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario
First Dance ideas
Terra Lightfoot Sining Bob Dylan at Mr and Mrs Keelor’s intimate Wedding

This ceremony reminded me why it’s important to stick to the roots of your relationship when it comes to celebrating love. A wedding should celebrate two people and everything that brought them together.

Small intimate backyard wedding – Greg Keelor and Caolaidhe Keelor

The Journal

Unconventional Intimate Wedding in Ontario


  1. Joe & Sam says:

    Hi Greg – Joe and Sam here, we just heard the good news about your nuptials, congrats to the both of you.

    P.S. Sam is looking dapper with his bow tie.

  2. Brian linde says:

    Hi Greg it’s Brian Linde hope you are doing well me and a really close friend of my where huge fans and loved your music I’m a huge fan myself been going to sandbanks provincial park for years and probably past a frew places where you have been , anyways my friend passed away from cancer and me and her. Always wanted to meet you and shake your hand but neaver got the chance if your ever around the Burlington area I would love to at least say I e shook your hand for her and myself god bless you brouther my cell is (905) 961-2181 Brian😊

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