I bring the dorky humour, lots of laughs, easy conversation and I leave you with cherished images and kick-ass art that showcases your awesomeness.

Keeping it real is what makes it perfection

I believe.... 


MY personal favourite wedding, family, and branding images. From the laughs, tears, and milestones; it's important to have these images for our children to look back on.



Treat your photo session like an incredible adventure: embrace the now, the wild, the real.

The Experience

Your adventure photoshoot could be in the big city of Toronto, an open field in the Kawartha Lakes, or a cottage vibe in Muskoka County on the open water, a mountain, an old road, or maybe even your backyard or home. Either way, treating your shoot as one big epic adventure lets you embrace the chaos, the cuddles, and the wild sides and have a blast. 

Did you know that a photo of you is a gift? Sounds cheesy, but it's true. One day a loved one will seek out all their favourite pictures of you. Pictures of you smiling, you doing something you loved, you and that person together, you just being YOU. Even if you are feeling pain, even if you do not love having your photo taken, stop thinking about it for a second, enjoy the moment being captured, and BE YOU

You are a Gift: with Purpose, soul, and a story.


"Mary is an absolute delight and a highly talented photographer! Right from the very first interaction, her sweet, friendly and warm personality came right through! Her pictures are absolutely stunning and captured the raw, beautiful and natural emotions of our wedding day! Our wedding was only a few days ago and we already got the most amazing sneak peaks, and now, we're both smiling from ear to ear! Highly recommend her for your special day!"

Kind Words


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