A true whimsical and enchanted vibe for a wedding, this forest chapel at Whispering Springs, allows you to let go out of the outer world and embrace the romantic woodsy scene. If you want to feel a little cozy love story within the trees, you’re going to want to read this one.

Say hello to newlyweds, Emilee and Mitchell – high school sweethearts that finally tied the knot on June 18th, 2021 at the most beautiful forest fairytale location you could imagine. Straight out of a movie, the beautiful couple chose Whispering Springs as their venue and it did not disappoint. It truly was magical in every way!

A little background on their love…

Emilee Carson and Mitch Miller met when Emilee was in grade 9 and Mitch was in grade 10 after a mutual friend introduced them. They spent a month or two getting to know each other and becoming friends and started dating from then on. They had been together for 11 years when they got married – “we truly are best friends.”

Where it all took place

Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat located in Grafton, ON (just outside of Cobourg) was the first (and only) venue that the couple visited and they fell in love with it right away.

When I asked the couple why they chose Whispering Springs as their wedding venue, they said – the forest chapel was everything. It felt like an enchanted fairytale. When we stepped into it and were surrounded by the large trees, the rest of the world seemed to disappear. It felt like it was just the two of us and nothing else mattered, which is exactly how we wanted to feel on our wedding day. We loved the rest of the resort too. The reception area with pavilions, lawn games, and fire pits was the perfect relaxing setting for us. The idea of having the whole resort to ourselves and being able to have our family and friends stay for a mini retreat for our wedding was great. Plus, the accommodations are gorgeous and were perfect for our first night as a married couple.  

There is no doubt there is a lot that goes into it all leading up to the big day – from all of the organizing and planning of vendors to choosing each detail of flowers, jewelry, etc. But Emilee and Mitch did it perfectly. In the end what means the most, is how the bride and groom saw their special day come together.

Favourite moments as per the Groom

“After having to cancel and postpone our wedding because of Covid, finally getting to have the day happen was incredible.”

The weather that turned around for the better – it poured rain all morning long and then cleared up perfectly in time to have the outdoor ceremony.

“Everything about that day. It was the best day” – Mitch

Favourite moments as per the Bride

Just like the princess we all dreamed to be on our big day, Emilee truly looked beautiful in every way. The moment after she put her dress on, she joined arms with her family and did a big group hug to embrace the moment – and that was just the first of her favourite moments from the day.

“Getting to the end of the aisle and seeing Mitch close up for the first time that day. Holding his hands and just looking at each other”

A special moment that Emilee highlights and so happy they did, was a little solo time immediately after the ceremony.

“Typically couples do their family photos after the ceremony, but we decided to do our solo ones first. It was so nice to take a breath together and be able to just spend that first hour or so, just the two of us.”

Along with the golden hour photos, dancing with family (especially our little nieces) and the golf cart ride back to our tent at the end of the night, are just a few more to add to Emilee’s favourite moments from their day. “When we finally got to sit back, put our feet up, take a deep breath and really just let it all sink in.”

Of course, as photographers, we take hundreds of photos on the big day. But I always love to hear what photos or the moments captured mean the most.

“It is impossible to choose! I think the hardest part of our entire wedding journey has been trying to narrow down the photos for our wedding book. I think some of our favourites are just the little moments and the ones in between – the photos that we wouldn’t have thought to write on our ‘photo list,’ but that perfectly capture the day and our emotions.”

The Details…


Whispering Springs Wilderness Retreat 

141 Mercer Lane, Grafton ON



All That Glitters




Larry Hurley 




Quinn’s Blooms and Greenery




(Bouquets and flower girl crowns only)


Dewmill Events




Sugarbird Cakery





Bob Machin (family friend)

Invitations/Favour Tags/Cake Topper:

Exclusive Invites




The Journal

The Fairytale Forest Wedding at Whispering Springs


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