Maternity Portraits with your Toddler, yes please. Photographing your second pregnancy is not something we always think to do, but here are a few reasons why I consider it a must:

  1. Each pregnancy is unique, beautiful and worth photographing: Even the dreaded morning sickness, the ups and downs. There is beauty in the raw.
  2. Family Transitions and moments are fleeting. Photographs will serve as a way to document the growth and changes in your family over time. Maternity photo session capture your family as you are just before baby, focusing not just on your baby bump, but on your first babe, whose life too, is forever changed.
  3. Celebrating motherhood: A maternity photoshoot with a toddler can celebrate the beauty and strength of motherhood. It can be a way to honor the mother’s journey and the unique bond she shares with her children.
  4. Bonding experience for your toddler: Celebrating and documenting the experience can be a fun way for the toddler to feel included and connected to the new addition to the family

This was a quick and simple studio shoot in the Kawartha Lakes, that I just adored! We collaborated with a super talented makeup artist, Illume Room to complete the vibe. Be sure to check out my feature blog for other fun family maternity sessions!

maternity studio shoot in the Kawartha Lakes
Maternity Photoshoot with toddler in kawartha Lakes studio
mom and toddler photoshoot
Mom, baby bump with toddler photography studio session
Mom and toddler photoshoot in kawartha lakes
studio maternity shoot with toddler in the Kawartha Lakes
Toronto Maternity Photoshoot with toddler

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Maternity Portraits with your toddler


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